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Workshop leaders

Verity Treloar

Verity started to crochet as part of a desire to be creative and to make things that would be useful. Having learnt the basic stitches, she was keen to start experimenting with colour, texture and design. She likes to keep things simple and straightforward so that she can enjoy the process of making. Her background is in education and the arts so having the opportunity to share the creative simplicity of crochet is a joy!


Isabelle Jourdan

Isabelle was not looking for anything to learn, but when she met this amazing weaver she couldn't resist attending one of her workshops. Within the first hour she was hooked and took to it as if she had just remembered a long lost art. This was in 2010 and she has been weaving ever since. When she started to demonstrate weaving at art&craft events, she was repeatedly invited to teach. Finally, in the autumn of 2014 she began to teach tapestry weaving.

Tapestry weaving gives her the complete freedom to express her passion for creativity, colour and patterns. Most times when she starts a new piece she just lets it unfold without any pre-conceived design. Her projects can be as large as she dares or as small as she can manage.

Isabelle believes there are no limits to our creative expression and she works hard to inspire people to step outside their box and go passionately wild with colour, pattern and gorgeous yarn. Through creative self-expression we can find the deeper meaning of our life's tapestry symbolising personal transformation.


Natalia Prats

Natalia is a language teacher and used to be a leisure tutor for children. She is addicted to arts and crafts and has tried her hand at quite a few of them, including but not limited to, sewing, painting on glass, cross stitching, knitting and crocheting. Since she's a bit of a fusspot, she tries to learn as much technique as she can. Currently, she designs knitwear garments for plus size women and leads a monthly sewing workshop for the Women's Network at St Sidwell's Community Centre. 




Gabby Dexter                                                 

Gabby has always loved the fibre arts, going around craft fairs and admiring the wonderful, often life-like felted creations on display, but she always thought it was the sort of craft that was not for average, every-day people. That was until she saw a felted pumpkin on a parenting website that got her thinking - 'well, I could do that!' So she did. 

From that point on felting became her absolute passion and she devoted herself to learning as many different techniques as she could. She is entirely self-taught and has become something of an expert at understanding fibres and those that work best for felting. You can find her fibre reviews, helpful felting guides and her own felt work on her website Flippity Felts.

Felting for Gabby has been a life changer - it's an inexpensive craft to take up and is incredibly creatively rewarding.


Mary Ann Jennings

Mary Ann has been knitting and crocheting for over thirty years, and has facilitated two Knit Stop groups.  A complete fidget, she finds comfort and relaxation in working with yarn, and enjoys teaching and sharing her skills as well as learning from others. She has personal experience of knitting and crochet having a positive effect on mental health and emotional well-being. She has a soft spot for knitting lace, crocheting granny squares, and all the purple yarn in the shop. 


Debbie Judd

Debbie's had a life-long love for creating and has gone through many forms of crafting over the years. Sewing, embroidery, quilting, smocking, but knitting has stayed with her the longest. She loves the variety of colour, texture, pattern and overall diversity of the craft. There is virtually nothing that cannot be made from, or covered by knitting! She is very much looking forward to sharing her skills with people in the Exeter area.


Eunice Cole

Eunice has been crocheting and knitting for over 60 years! She is also keen on Tunisian and Broomstick crochet techniques and is very excited to share her skills with you at Wool on the Exe!  


Laura Wood

Laura is passionate about working with wool. She believes felting is a lovely way of making pictures. She has been making felt for the last six years and loves to pass on her knowledge to enable others to experience the joy of creating something lovely out of wool. The merino fleece fibres that she uses come in the most wonderful colours. It has been likened to painting with wool. The pictures have great texture and depth and are really fun to do.

Ethel Hillier 

Ethel can't remember when she learnt to knit - everyone just did in the cold north of Scotland, where the wind came straight from Siberiawinter and summer. By year 6, they were knitting fingered gloves and turning sock heels in lessons.She began knitting Shetland lace about 5 years ago as a change from Fair Isle knitting and discovered all the lace traditions of Northern Europe. What a feast! She thought Estonian lace the prettiest she had ever seen. The story of her love of lace knitting goes on from there and she just loves to share something so lovely with everyone.


Ali Lucas

Ali is currently studying a Foundation Fine Art degree, and will convert to a BA next year. She gained a Level 3 qualification in Fibrecraft, which was largely felting. She loves felt! Not only is it forgiving and easy to master as a beginner, it can be as complex and refined as you want to make it. The wool is the foundation. Beyond that it can be interpreted with fabric, embroidery and other techniques. The trick is to master the initial skills, then be led by your imagination.


Jessica Mason

Jessica has a background in Fine Arts and trained at Chelsea College of Arts London. She is led by process and since inheriting her Grandmothers’ spinning wheel has become captivated by the slow techniques involved in spinning yarn.

She looks at the relation between the meditative act of spinning and its’ value in the market we live in. Inspired to widen the platform within younger generations and to establish contact with local farmers to guarantee that we continue to make use of the resources that surround us.

She has also recently returned from time spent in northern Spain where she began to learn about growing and harvesting plants for natural dyes.

Jessica is based in Exeter and offers introductory evening classes to spinning yarn using a wheel.