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Fishy business!

There's fishy business going on at Wool on the Exe! And we know you'll want to take part in the fun :-)

We're 'hooking up' with Theatre Alibi to invite you to take part in a community project to benefit Knit for Peace - a London-based charity that matches charitable knitting with those in need. In February, Theatre Alibi will produce a play called 'Fish Eye'. We don't want to give the plot away, but it's safe to say that it involves knitting and fish-eye cameras and some pretty crafty sleuthing. 

Our goal is to have 350 knitted and crocheted fish by mid-January that will then be distributed all around Exeter. Each will have a tag inviting the person who finds the fish to upload a photo to a special Facebook page where they will also have an opportunity to make a donation to Knit for Peace. 

AND, every creator of a fish will be invited to attend a free performance of Fish Eye in February!

If you'd like to get involved, we have free patterns for knitted and crocheted fish at the shop as well as yarn you can use to make them up. They're quick and easy and a lot of fun - quite addictive actually!  Won't you join us?

You can also download your pattern for a KNITTED fish here.

or a CROCHETED (flat) one here, or a CROCHETED (in the round) one here.

Or use any other pattern you may have on hand as long as it's a fish :-)

If you post them to us, please be sure to include your contact information if you would like an invitation to the performance in February.

Our address is 2 Okehampton St, Exeter, EX4 1DW