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Cupcakes you say?

We're pleased to collaborate with the Exeter Northcott theatre to promote this great opportunity to bring the excitement of live pantomime to families in Exeter who need a bit of help to get there. If you've ever watched a child's face while they're watching action on a stage, then you'll know why we thought this was a great idea.

Exeter Northcott will donate 500 tickets for families in need and the Devon & Cornwall Housing Association and Exeter Home-Start will coordinate the distribution of the tickets.

So, get your knitting needles ready (we'll have a crochet version soon), and whip up one or two of these cuties. They don't take much yarn but if you don't have enough in your stash, we've got a charity basket of donated yarn in the shop you can use.

Finished cupcakes can be handed in or posted to Exeter Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QB, or dropped in Wool on the Exe, by Wednesday 1 November.

Get your pattern here